The Narrators Show – Tricks

A night highlighting the conversation between storytelling and laughter

Hearing about The Narrators Show event from a teacher I decided that I might as well give it a shot. And when I say “it” I mean being social. I am a large fan of sitting at home and binging Netflix or getting sucked into the black hole of Youtube, but that night I decided to be the free-spirited girl I too often pretend to be on Instagram. So I put on pants, and some boots (because in my mind boots = adult) and I headed out to the bar. Tiger!Tiger! is a common stomping grounds for me and my friends so I felt no hesitation in walking like (*cue Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop) ‘whaddup I gotta a Big” … Curiosity in what will be happening tonight. I ordered a new cider on their tastefully aged wooden board of a menu and peeked into the back patio.

I could barely see past the wall of people gathering in doorway and for a moment I hesitated going in. Just 30 minutes prior I had been in my living room, party of 1, and now I was trying to get into an event, party of 20 plus. Not only were there 20 plus people in the back patio, but there were 20 cool and probably hip people in the back patio, knowing that Tiger!Tiger! was a trendy and oh so swanky bar. I joined the standing crowd at the door just in time to hear the main chunk of the first speaker’s story. It was 8:05 pm and the event had started at 8:00pm and boy did it promptly start at 8:00pm. For some reason I thought the event would run on artists time, meaning that well, it wouldn’t start on time. But see that’s where I was wrong. I had never been to a Narrators Show before and so I didn’t know why everyone was eager to be on time. Within the next hour or so I learned why everyone was one time ready to listen to the speakers.


A rat-pack of 5th grade Russian skinheads, becoming a friend to a FBI wanted bank robber, to stories of turning tricks (accidentally of course) for one’s whole life is just a taste of what was told throughout the night. But what excited me most throughout the night was the constant stillness in the audience, in the way that no one left at any point in the evening. Even the calling of the bar, of a second cider could not siren any of us listeners to leave. I’ve been to a few events like this and there are always a few in the crowd itching for the last words of the speaker so they can exit. There’s always a few whose faces become buried in their phones 25 minutes in but this night was unlike those.

In a the moment before the last speaker, coincidentally being an old poetry teacher of mine, I stared at my journal I had been trying to take notes in. I realized that for the past few speakers I had become lazy in my note taking. That laziness is what was most enchanting to me though. The fact that I no longer cared that this was an event assignment for a class, rather that this was now an event which I was participating in via laughter and applause made me thankful for nights like this. I am so sorry for getting mushy and sentimental but there needs to be more nights like this. More nights where the average dude can get up and share a story about how he was going to leave Russia in fear of child skinheads, or where despite a friend being a bank robber they didn’t steal your grandmother’s diamonds; finally, where you can hear an old teacher, one of your favorites, told her story of how she bought some shoes.

Katie Farris speaking

But buying shoes doesn’t sound like it falls in line with the theme of Tricks? Well on Katie Farris’ 23rd (or something like that) she went to buy some shoes for her special day (despite being in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee or something like that). There was not much more happening on her birthday besides maybe going back home to her grandparents for some cake and what not, but that was besides the point. Farris was going to get some fancy shoes and dammit she was going wear them. While strollin’ the endless 4 aisles she finally spotted something. While examining these fine Payless shoes she heard a rustling or just general weird noise coming from below and behind her. She turned around to see a man on the ground staring up her skirt .. with his hand on his junk just stroking his, well, you know what i’m alluding to (plus here at Demitasse we like to keep it PG-13 unless really needed …) okay! Forget what I just said. He was stroking his penis. He was on the floor, looking up a Farris’ skirt, masturbating! At this point I was in shock. My old teacher who had just taught me about poetic meter, it’s rhythm and flow, was now talking about a man’s rhythm and flow.this was a new level of learning about my teacher I never thought I would reach. Jumping back, once he realized he was spotted he immediately regretted his decision and decided to jump up and run out of the store. Somehow in the rushed sprint out of the store his wallet fell out of his pocket. Katie Farris picked it up and kept it because why the hell not! This man just tried to pull one over (pun intended?) on her and the dropping of the wallet was just an extra special birthday present for her. As I sat there listening about a man who tried to pull a sneaky trick on her I couldn’t have been happier in my decision in deciding to show up to the Narrators Show.

The next show in on November 8th. Election Day. “Over Indulgence” is the theme and with how this election season is going, I’m sure the stories will be Yuge! So mark your calendars, prepare your livers and lungs and join us for a phenomenal night of storytelling. Below are the links to all things Narrators. Go check them out. Like their pages, retweet their stuff. Become a fan like we did here at Demitasse.



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