300 Arguments

300 Arguments in Under 300 Words Sarah Manguso’s prose reads like a diary: executed in one sentence bits which together creates content that is in constant play with form. Often, content and form are seen as two separate bodies that meet only before final assembly, but rather it’s balanced like a vase with flowers in it.  Both a vase and arrangement of flora can be beautiful … Continue reading 300 Arguments

The Narrators Show – Tricks

A night highlighting the conversation between storytelling and laughter Hearing about The Narrators Show event from a teacher I decided that I might as well give it a shot. And when I say “it” I mean being social. I am a large fan of sitting at home and binging Netflix or getting sucked into the black hole of Youtube, but that night I decided to … Continue reading The Narrators Show – Tricks

Pry by Tender Claws LLC

“Pry open a troubled mind and hold its thoughts in your hands” – Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman Video games are commonly associated with the stereotypical image of an acne prone face, greasy haired, Doritos eating nerd-boy who stays up till late hours of the night staring at a bright screen playing his favorite game. Those games have habitually been tied with princesses in distress, … Continue reading Pry by Tender Claws LLC

Writer’s Round Table – Allie Gove and Kaleb Cook

Hey my name is Lily Staples and I’ll be steering this conversation today with Allie Gove and Kaleb Cook. Just a quick and easy chat on being a writer and trying to get pieces of yours published … and all that jazz. This is not your common interview with an “up-and-coming” writer because we’ve all read those before. To myself and a few of my writerly … Continue reading Writer’s Round Table – Allie Gove and Kaleb Cook