Beautiful & Damned by R.M. Drake

Where the fantastic narrative meets realistic poetry Lately, there has been an influx of writers who write both fiction and poetry. However, there are rarely writers who feature both genres in one single publication. R.M. Drake’s 2016 Beautiful & Damned collection of short stories and prose poetry represents the uniqueness of a combination of genres from a single author in one publication. Drake has self-published … Continue reading Beautiful & Damned by R.M. Drake

Karama Arab Film Festival: The Shorts Program

Hummus dip, twinkling lights, and a few short films The air was cold, muffled chatter filled the walkways, and the smell of homemade hummus made its way through the tall pillars and straight to our hungry noses. The annual Arab Film Festival was back. While the Arab Film Festival has taken place in San Diego for the past five years, the Shorts Program was a … Continue reading Karama Arab Film Festival: The Shorts Program

Interview with Kinda Hibrawi

One Woman, One Brush, One World Kinda Hibrawi is a Syrian-American artist based in Irvine, California. She is a talented creator, director, and humanitarian. Her art is where the East meets the West and where language meets imagery. Not only does she use her art as a means of self expression but she paints to make a difference in the world. Hibrawi is heavily involved … Continue reading Interview with Kinda Hibrawi

“Rainy Day” by Thais Weiller

Untangling Twine: A Modern Day Choose Your Own Adventure If you were an enthusiastic reader as a kid, chances are you know the unconventional joys the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) series brought to your childhood. And if you’re anything like me, you love a little nostalgia to remind you of the good ol’ days of interactive fiction. If either of those descriptions applies to … Continue reading “Rainy Day” by Thais Weiller

Instagram: The New Publishing Platform

From left to right: David Jones, Rupi Kaur, Robert M. Drake When we hear the word Instagram, we usually think of iPhone photography, selfies, and artistic expression. But what if I told you that Instagram has served as a platform for authors to share their work and set a foundation for their careers for quite some time now? Instagram has nurtured a community of once … Continue reading Instagram: The New Publishing Platform