A Review of November

Ben White is the curator of Nanoism, an online publication for Twitter fiction. These are stories that are no longer than 140 characters and contain a depth that can challenge what content lies within 140 pages. This is flash fiction to the extreme. Born and produced on Twitter, any author with an account can try their hand at this craft. The publication has been active … Continue reading A Review of November

Let’s Talk Digital Literature

Our classroom is high tech. We sit facing each other at circular tables, grouped around computers fit into the center of our community desks. A monitor is fit to the wall above each table. There are about six or seven of these set ups. We are sitting at a back table and it’s only the second or third day of class. Our professor is going … Continue reading Let’s Talk Digital Literature

“Along the Edge” by Nova-box

Consequences of Choice: A Playthrough Reading “Along the Edge is an interactive graphic novel,” states the very first screen upon the beginning of a new save file. The most recent creation from Nova-box, Along the Edge is what some people would call a computer game. Purchasable on Steam, a marketplace for computer games, the argument is even more persuasive. A story accompanied by visuals, music, … Continue reading “Along the Edge” by Nova-box

Interview with Genevieve Plunkett

…Cruel and Seductive…

Genevieve Plunkett is an emerging author of short stories with a novel in progress. genevieve-plunkettHer works handle a wide range of topics: marriage, childhood, and even horses and they have been published in Mud Season Review, New England Review, and Willow Springs Magazine. I reached out to her for an interview because I wanted to understand from an author’s perspective what a short story means for the creative process – especially when that author is working on a novel. Concepts of time, thematic depth, and just what goes into a short story that differentiates it from the larger works of fiction that popular literary culture seems to consider more important – that was the perspective of this interview.


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The Digital Humanities Collaborative

What Are the Digital Humanities? (And Why Do They Matter?) I assume digital must mean something to all of us: cellphones, virtual reality, computers, and so on. “Humanities” is a bit trickier – if you’re involved in academia, you probably know that the humanities are a field of learning that focus on, to put it simply, the human. That means performing research intended to explore … Continue reading The Digital Humanities Collaborative