Pry by Tender Claws LLC

“Pry open a troubled mind and hold its thoughts in your hands” – Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman Video games are commonly associated with the stereotypical image of an acne prone face, greasy haired, Doritos eating nerd-boy who stays up till late hours of the night staring at a bright screen playing his favorite game. Those games have habitually been tied with princesses in distress, … Continue reading Pry by Tender Claws LLC

“Rainy Day” by Thais Weiller

Untangling Twine: A Modern Day Choose Your Own Adventure If you were an enthusiastic reader as a kid, chances are you know the unconventional joys the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) series brought to your childhood. And if you’re anything like me, you love a little nostalgia to remind you of the good ol’ days of interactive fiction. If either of those descriptions applies to … Continue reading “Rainy Day” by Thais Weiller

“Along the Edge” by Nova-box

Consequences of Choice: A Playthrough Reading “Along the Edge is an interactive graphic novel,” states the very first screen upon the beginning of a new save file. The most recent creation from Nova-box, Along the Edge is what some people would call a computer game. Purchasable on Steam, a marketplace for computer games, the argument is even more persuasive. A story accompanied by visuals, music, … Continue reading “Along the Edge” by Nova-box

Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine

The Short-Dirty Human Existence

Diane Williams says we’re sort of fine Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine is a 131-page collection of 40 stories, the longest of which is five pages. Diane Williams writes like there is only one breath of air to speak with before sinking to the bottom of the pool. Every word matters. When the other editors and I started talking about what Demitasse would be, I … Continue reading The Short-Dirty Human Existence