Interview with Genevieve Plunkett

…Cruel and Seductive…

Genevieve Plunkett is an emerging author of short stories with a novel in progress. genevieve-plunkettHer works handle a wide range of topics: marriage, childhood, and even horses and they have been published in Mud Season Review, New England Review, and Willow Springs Magazine. I reached out to her for an interview because I wanted to understand from an author’s perspective what a short story means for the creative process – especially when that author is working on a novel. Concepts of time, thematic depth, and just what goes into a short story that differentiates it from the larger works of fiction that popular literary culture seems to consider more important – that was the perspective of this interview.


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Writer’s Round Table – Allie Gove and Kaleb Cook

Hey my name is Lily Staples and I’ll be steering this conversation today with Allie Gove and Kaleb Cook. Just a quick and easy chat on being a writer and trying to get pieces of yours published … and all that jazz. This is not your common interview with an “up-and-coming” writer because we’ve all read those before. To myself and a few of my writerly … Continue reading Writer’s Round Table – Allie Gove and Kaleb Cook