Beastgirl by Elizabeth Acevedo

Multiplicitous Mythologies

Elizabeth Acevedo on origin, body, and belonging In her 42-page poetry chapbook from YesYes Books, Beastgirl & Other Origin myths, Elizabeth Acevedo explores the stories from which she comes. Some pulling directly from common folklore, and some are of herself/her own body. The first poem, “La Ciguapa,” is about a figure from Dominican folklore—a demon with dark eyes, immense black hair, and backward-facing feet. She is … Continue reading Multiplicitous Mythologies

A Review of November

Ben White is the curator of Nanoism, an online publication for Twitter fiction. These are stories that are no longer than 140 characters and contain a depth that can challenge what content lies within 140 pages. This is flash fiction to the extreme. Born and produced on Twitter, any author with an account can try their hand at this craft. The publication has been active … Continue reading A Review of November

300 Arguments

300 Arguments in Under 300 Words Sarah Manguso’s prose reads like a diary: executed in one sentence bits which together creates content which is in constant play with form. Too often content and form are seen as two separate bodies that meet only before final assembly, when really it’s balanced like a vase with flowers in it.  Both a vase and arrangement of flora can be … Continue reading 300 Arguments

Beautiful & Damned by R.M. Drake

Where the fantastic narrative meets realistic poetry Lately, there has been an influx of writers who write both fiction and poetry. However, there are rarely writers who feature both genres in one single publication. R.M. Drake’s 2016 Beautiful & Damned collection of short stories and prose poetry represents the uniqueness of a combination of genres from a single author in one publication. Drake has self-published … Continue reading Beautiful & Damned by R.M. Drake