Low by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini

Comic books and their spaces for storytelling

What gathers in the gutter   Take a look at this image: a 1960s housewife, casually mopping up a pool of blood by the fridge. A severed arm and a shoe falling out of a sack on the floor. This piece is from a book called Lady Killer, about a picture-perfect domestic housemaker/killer-for-hire. Comic book storytelling exists in all aspects of the book, from front … Continue reading Comic books and their spaces for storytelling

Let’s Talk Digital Literature

Our classroom is high tech. We sit facing each other at circular tables, grouped around computers fit into the center of our community desks. A monitor is fit to the wall above each table. There are about six or seven of these set ups. We are sitting at a back table and it’s only the second or third day of class. Our professor is going … Continue reading Let’s Talk Digital Literature